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Energy Transition

OG真人官方网站APP下载 is committed to playing its role in the Energy Transition. The Park is the perfect site for industrial businesses on a journey towards a lower carbon footprint. Genuine, effective, and sustainable change is only achievable by working together, and our partners on site benefit from synergies between themselves, shared knowledge, and access to high-class infrastructure.

The site provides a strategic platform which can play a valuable role in the decarbonisation of UK industrial manufacturing and energy generation as well as transport and logistics solutions in the Humber region.  Aligning with government policies and long-term climate change commitments it presents a significant opportunity for future investment projects.

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OG真人官方网站APP下载 owner, px Group, is one of the founding members of the Zero Carbon Humber consortium of 12 prominent energy, industrial businesses and academic institutions driving a vision to transform the Humber region into the UK’s first Net Zero carbon cluster by 2040.

Zero Carbon Humber will be driven by shared pipelines that can deliver Hydrogen, which can be used to power transport, homes, and industry to the region. The pipelines can also remove captured carbon emissions. 

As well as the 12 lead organisations, the project has the support of over 50 more entities involved in each and every aspect of the value chain, from energy generation (offshore and onshore) to end-consumers.

In March 2021, the Zero Carbon Humber bid was awarded £75 million in Government funding to proceed.

In October 2021, the East Coast Cluster which is a collaboration between Zero Carbon Humber, Net Zero Teesside and Northern Endurance Partnership was named as one of the UK’s first carbon capture, usage and storage clusters following a successful bid to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 

You can find more about Zero Carbon Humber here.

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In January 2022, OG真人官方网站APP下载 Chemicals Park was confirmed by Equinor as the location that will host the kickstarter project of the Zero Carbon Humber (ZCH) initiative. The park will host Hydrogen to Humber OG真人官方网站APP下载, or H2H OG真人官方网站APP下载, the flagship project of the Zero Carbon Humber Scheme.

H2H OG真人官方网站APP下载 will establish the world’s largest Hydrogen production plant with Carbon Capture capability, and will be the starting point for a Hydrogen and CO2 pipeline network.

Initially, the plant will allow industrial customers at OG真人官方网站APP下载 to switch over to hydrogen-fuelled energy and will reduce the amount of fossil fuels going into the Park’s gas-fired power plant, thus cutting emissions by nearly 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

H2H OG真人官方网站APP下载 will in later phases have the potential to expand services to other industrial users in the OG真人官方网站APP下载 Chemicals Park and across the Humber region. Locating the new plant in the Humber Estuary, commonly known as the UK’s Energy Estuary, puts the region in the forefront of the Government’s ambitious plan to establish at least one decarbonised industrial cluster by 2030 and ultimately the world’s first net zero cluster by 2040.

Spotlight on... Pensana rare earths

At the end of 2020, px Group was approached by Pensana Rare Earths with a view to hosting one of the world’s first sustainable rare earth separation facilities at OG真人官方网站APP下载.

Within a matter of months, in April 2021 Pensana was granted planning permission to establish the £125 million facility, which will play a crucial role in producing the materials that are essential to production of electric cars and wind turbines. Both of these sectors have been earmarked by the UK government as critical to the country reaching Net Zero emissions.Pensana says that the facility, which will directly create over 100 jobs in the area, has a target production of around 12,500 annualised tonnes of rare oxides, including 4,500 tonnes of magnet metal rare oxides, representing approximately 5% of the global projected demand.